Developing young social entrepreneurs in Africa.

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Learning from our grantees and their work to share best practices and impove our grantmaking.


Listening to those we work with to increase our effectiveness.


Supporting those who lead by addressing social issues through innovation and empowerment.


Linking donors who want their contributions to make a difference, partners with technical expertise and local organizations who are creating change in their community.


To date Global Philanthropy Alliance has made 33 grants totaling $176,000 providing opportunity to over  15,000 youth in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. Read more about our grantees.

This year, we were unable to fund  29 worthy projects.

100% of all public donations are utilized directly for grants in Africa, they are not used for administrative costs or overhead.


Information for Grant Seekers

Global Philanthropy Alliance encourages grant proposals from grassroots organizations in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa working in the areas of community development, youth empowerment and local philanthropy.  GPA is committed to supporting young social entrepreneurs and innovative ideas. Our grantees use an innovative approach and are creating value or new goods to solve problems in their community.


In order to leverage the impact of our finding, GPA will fund initiatives which involve youth leadership or empowerment and promote social entrepreneurship, community development, or economic development.

GPA supports specific project grants and overhead costs (staff time, rent, etc.) associated with the project. GPA supports capacity building, training and other organizational growth activities in addition to its programmatic interests. GPA also supports capacity building costs such as training and other organizational growth activities in addition to programmatic costs.

First time grant applicants must submit a Letter of Intent and then may be invited by our Africa Advisory Board (AAB) to complete a full grant application.  First grant funding will not exceed $5000.00 USD per year.  As GPA seeks to maintain funding relationships with grantees over time with funding growing in size and scope therefore, after the conclusion of a first grant, grantees may apply for a second grant from GPA which may not exceed $10,000.00 USD.  Complete instructions for submitting your Letter of Intent and Second Level Grant Applications are listed below. 


General Eligibility

  • Organizations must be locally operated and based in Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa.
  • Organizations must be registered NGO's in their country and funds must be used for a charitable purpose. (Charitable purpose is defined by the US Internal Revenue Service as a broad range of activities that benefit the general welfare or the community.)
  • Organizations must work with youth--preferably developing strong identities for effective leadership as well as support youth work on behalf of their communities. For sustainability, economic development is an important component.
  • While GPA will pay overhead costs associated with grants, proposals must have a programmatic focus.
  • Organizations must have reliable email address and ability to submit the application and other documentation in English, electronically.


How to Apply

If your organization is seeking your first GPA grant:

Please consult our general website and in particular the information above to make certain you meet GPA criterion for funding. 

GPA will post instructions for application after October 1, 2014. Please check back at that time. If you have questions, please email us 

If your organization is seeking second level funding from GPA:

Please consult our website and the general/eligibility information above to make certain you meet GPA criterion for funding.  Once you determine that your organization would like to apply for funding please provide complete both GPA Grant Application-Part A and Grant Application Part B-Second GPA Grant Request (limit of $10,000.00 USD). You may access this information from the links below.  Grant submission will be reviewed and acknowledged immediately by our Executive Director, Jamie Brooks ( who may follow up with additional questions. If you fail to receive an acknowledgement, please contact GPA Executive Director, Jamie Brooks at  

GPA accepts applications at any time.   

Grant appliations will be forwarded for review to our Africa Advisory Board, a dedicated team of professionals living and working in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.  This board meets in June of each year.  Final review is conducted by our U.S. based Global Philanthropy Governing Board during meetings held in July.  While we do not have a specific date for decision-making we strive to consider all applications on a timely basis and encourage your organization to consider this timetable when making requests.

Please complete both applications:


Please also note: If an organization is chosen tor receive either first or second level funding, GPA will require a post-approval form, grant agreement and documentation of NGO status.  In addition, GPA may request a site visit prior to funding. A site visit is especially likely prior to any second grants.   This site visit may be conducted by the Africa Advisory Board (AAB), a member of the AAB, a member of a country committee, or a partner organization. 

While we do not have a specific time table for decision-making we strive to consider all applications on a timely basis and encourage your organization to consider this timetable when making requests.

GPA does not fund individuals, fundraising efforts, ongoing service provision, endowments or general operating costs not associated with a grant.