Through My Eyes-support for caregivers

Binti-leadership training and entrepreneurial support for women

GPA made a grant of $5000 in 2020 to Binti and subsequently made an additional $4000 grant to support the organization during the COVID pandemic. The main goal of the project was to build foundations for young women to economically empower themselves and positively influence communities through entrepreneurship. This overall goal was achieved through the Anza program. Anza, meaning
start in Swahili provided enterprise acceleration services to 20 young women in Nairobi and Samburu counties. In 2023 the program was awarded an additional $10,000 to expand the program reaching more women.

Kem Made-creating natural hair and body products

Kem Made

GPA made a $5000 grant to Kem Made.  Kem Made provides affordable synthetic chemical-free natural hair care products enriched with nourishments for their natural states.  Funds were used to scale the business and purchase equipment resulting in a significant increase in sales, development of a distribution network (including in the USA), purchase of machinery and significantly increasing their social media presence.  A second grant of $10,000 was made in 2023 to develop additional products and scale the business.



One Voice-combatting period poverty

One Voice

GPA made a $5000 grant to One Vice in 2021. Funds were used to develop the “She Needs A Pad Project” (SNAPP)  to combat “period poverty” in underserved communities. Creating and supplying reusable feminine products. Project reached 920 girls and women in 4 communities in Nigeria. Covid presented challenges to in person learning and group used technology to present health information. A second $5000 grant was made in late 2021 to expand the program reaching 1000 beneficiaries. Training was expanded to include other products, providing start up loans to support young women entrepreneurs and develop a peer-to-peer training component.


Afrigirl Connect-leadership training for young women

Afrigirl Connect, Kenya

In late 2021 GPA was proud to grant $5000 to Afrigirl Connect to support leadership training for young women. The girls had mentors, attending leadership seminars and leaned to sell Afrigirl merchandise that included reusable menstrual pads allowing the girls to retain the profits of their sales. Shortly thereafter, GPA also provided an additional $2000 as a COVID support grant that allowed the organization to increase their digital marketing capabilities.

As a result, the project engaged five mentors and worked with 100 girls forming the Afrigirls Club. 48% of the girls remained in school, 30% increased academic performance in all subjects, there was an increases in confidence and problem solving abilities and a significant increase in autonomy and leadership skills.