Entries by Tim Brostrom

Centre for Family Health Initiative: Youth received training and microloans to develop business ventures

Nigeria – GPA provided a $5000 grant to the Centre For Family Health Initive MICSEP program in July, 2015. The center worked with local organizations to identify 44 youth to participate in entrepreneurship training. 26 youth were chosen to receive $125 in loans to begin operations in baking, grinding foodstuffs and selling popcorn. As a […]

Ithohannonsose Charity Foundation (ICF): Training physically disabled youth shoe-making skills

Kenya – In December, 2014 GPA awarded $5000 to ICF to train 75 physically disabled and educationally disadvantaged youth in a remote Nigerian village. No government programs or assistance are offered to the physically disadvantaged and many must beg for sustenance. Youth were trained in shoe making, bead making, clothes and mat weaving. GPA awarded […]

Okwango: Youth preserving the environment and building peace through agribusiness

Nigeria – GPA funded an agribusiness project in the Okwangwo villages of Nigeria.  63 youth were taught beekeeping, snail farming, cultivating fruit trees and farm development practices with the goal of reducing poverty, teaching entrepreneurship skills, microenterprise, conservation education, computer training and providing much needed food security. “The project does not only provide opportunity for […]

Morning Star Humanitarian Services: Trains young girls and widows employable marketplace skills

Nigeria – Morning Star creates a nurturing environment that fosters awareness of health issues faced by the youth, including knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS.  They provide vocational training skills to youth, provide youth with access to information on ways to improve their economic status, and empower youth to jump-start their independent entrepreneurial activities.  Morning Star works with local […]

Hope Interactive: Established a community training center to teach youth agribusiness skills

Hope Interactive Nigeria – Hope Interactive works to promote a healthy, fair and sustainable future for all the people of Nigeria by eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life through capacity building in various spheres of human development.  Hope interactive is committed to the promotion of innovative approach to positive human development, and behavior […]

Center for Health, Environment and Safety Studies: Waste to wealth program linking young scavengers to university students

Nigeria – CHESS is committed to the protection and promotion of health and environment for better living.  CHESSs main goal is to create environment and health awareness through trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences liaising with other bodies or institutions, government and non-governmental organizations, to promote solution-oriented research and effective policy recommendations. CHESS focuses its efforts on services […]