Center for Health, Environment and Safety Studies: Waste to wealth program linking young scavengers to university students

Nigeria – CHESS is committed to the protection and promotion of health and environment for better living.  CHESSs main goal is to create environment and health awareness through trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences liaising with other bodies or institutions, government and non-governmental organizations, to promote solution-oriented research and effective policy recommendations. CHESS focuses its efforts on services to humanity, community development projects, manpower development and skill acquisition for economic empowerment.

The project focuses on generating economic empowerment from solid waste by utilizing recycling for development in a waste to wealth program. The target groups are the young solid waste vendors and solid waste managers. This waste to wealth for youth empowerment project also seeks to create a network of young solid waste scavengers/vendors and private solid waste managers in Ibadan; the largest city in Nigeria.  The project will work to build more interest in the field of waste recycling and resource recovery as source of economic empowerment, networking to address common challenges faced by young waste vendors and the private solid waste managers, and strategies and ways to develop and strengthen capacities of young vendors and private solid waste managers.

In 2010 GPA awarded this organization a first grant of $5080.  In 2013 GPA awarded the organization a second grant of $10,000 to expand the project and increase organizational sustainability.

Fortune Community Center: Trained young women dress making, handmade school uniforms were donated to local orphans

Children and Youth Empowerment Center (CYEC): Training youth to convert waste to biofuel for sale

Mission with a Vision: Teaching sewing to young women at risk for early marriage or commercial sex work

ASEVI Society: training youth in farming and forestry skills

Kenya – ASEVI society is a grassroots organization based in Kenya dedicated to eradicating poverty and injustice creating a community where every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity.  The organization educates, promotes farming and forestry as a means of sustainable livelihoods, participates in human rights advocacy, conducts health management and disease prevention education and empowers youth through entrepreneurship.

ASEVI was a recipient of a $5000.00 grant from GPA in February, 2013 to implement a passion fruit farming operation on unused farming lands in their communities.  Initially, grant funding will provide supplies and training for the operation.  Once crops are established, participating youths will be trained in savings and loan operations so that they may participate in ROSCA’s (Rotating Savings and Loan Associations) with a view to encourage structured savings and return on investments through collection of interest.  At the conclusion of the project loans will be due and all profits earned remitted to the participating youth in order to begin their business ventures in the community

ASEVI received second level funding ($10,000) from GPA in August, 2014. ASEVI expanded farming operations for 300 youth. The training curriculum included agribusiness, financial literacy, business management and life skills. An additional 20 youth participated in a project to develop a micro enterprise and 30 youth expanded their existing micro enterprises. All participants contributed to the ROSCA and the organization successfully raised over 800,000ksh ($8000 USD) which was later distributed to participants to support their ventures.

Asevi participant in his electronics shop.