Hope Interactive: Established a community training center to teach youth agribusiness skills

Hope Interactive

Nigeria – Hope Interactive works to promote a healthy, fair and sustainable future for all the people of Nigeria by eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life through capacity building in various spheres of human development.  Hope interactive is committed to the promotion of innovative approach to positive human development, and behavior pattern through interaction and exchange of values and ideas.

The purpose of the project is to establish a community training center to empower youth through capacity building in agriculture (crop cultivation, fish farming, poultry and small animal/ruminant raising).  Empowering the youth will give them a positive and sustainable means of livelihood, thereby alleviating poverty in the community.


  • December 2009 – $4,940 to equip youth with agricultural skills and business loans to enable them to become self sufficient.  GPA is excited about partnering with Hope Interactive to equip youth with valuable skills and the capital needed to start their own businesses.