Morning Star Humanitarian Services: Trains young girls and widows employable marketplace skills

Nigeria – Morning Star creates a nurturing environment that fosters awareness of health issues faced by the youth, including knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS.  They provide vocational training skills to youth, provide youth with access to information on ways to improve their economic status, and empower youth to jump-start their independent entrepreneurial activities.  Morning Star works with local community members, civil organizations, other youth oriented organizations, as well as members of the local and federal government to advocate for the development of large-scale sustainable programs that focus on improving the health and economic status of youth in Nigeria.


  • June 2010, $5,000 – Project Enrich.  In the summer of 2010, Morning Star held Project Enrich-Youth Empowerment Project. Although the project was initiated solely for the youth in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos, they noticed that there was a need to address the plight of widows who live in the area as many of them are in need of ways to jump-start entrepreneurial activities. So in conjunction to a Youth Empowerment program, Morning Star also hosted a Widow’s Empowerment Project during the summer of 2010. For six weeks and with support from GPA, Morning Star was able to train 60 people between the ages of 18-55 in the following skills: computer training, tie and dye, bead making, catering, interior and exterior decorating, screen printing, and fashion designing. The workshops were free for all participants and all the materials needed were provided with no cost to them. This program is the only free Youth and Widows project ever carried out in the local government area that didn’t impose any registration or program fee to participants. As a result, many of our participants were delighted to have an opportunity to gain skills that ultimately enhances their livelihood. This program also increased awareness on plight of youths and widows in the community in terms of their lack of resources, to the extent that local government office has challenged Morning Star to continue with our program as they believe that we are on track to equipping youths and widows with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to attain a sustainable livelihood.
  • May, 2014, $5000-Project Sustain. GPA awarded grant funds to further develop Morning Star’s program. Project Sustain trained 120 youth in income producing skills. This program is the only program in the region that offers free training.

Dr. Patricia Awelomar (foreground) President of Morning Star with a youth Project Sustain participant